SM Cinema Baguio – New Movie Schedules

SM Cinema Baguio have 4 Cinemas. Cinema 1, 2, 3 offer 2 Two Dimensional(2D) Digital Theater while Cinema 4 can cater Three Dimensional(3D) Entertainment. All of them are located at the 3rd Floor of the Building.

sm cinema baguio

Ticket Price (as of April 2015) :
160 pesos – English;
170 pesos – Tagalog;
250 pesos – 3D

Opening Time: 10:30am
Last Full Show: 09:00pm or 09:30pm

– Please visit each site and compare if the schedule is updated.
– SM Cinema Baguio updates the list of movies every Wednesday depending upon the demand and popularity of a particular film.

Free entrance for Senior Citizens of Baguio every morning of Tuesday and 20% off for non-resident of Baguio with a valid I.D. Foreign movies are for free and local films are with an admission charge.

You can see their latest movie schedule here:

Buy SM Cinema Tickets Online:

buy sm cinema tickets online

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