Affordable Restaurants in Baguio City

Many reviews about “the best restaurants in Baguio City” are overrated. If you belong to the lower class or even the middle class of society, you will not consider it as the best if it is not affordable. You don’t value the authenticity or the presentation of the menu, what is important is you get your money’s worth.

affordable restaurants in baguio

This post is intended for local travelers who doesn’t complain and want to save a penny while visiting Baguio City.

These are my top picks worth to try;

  1. Good Taste
  2. Jack’s Restaurant
  3. Restaurants located near Mansion House going to Mines View Park **
  4. Pigar-Pigar – Legarda **
  5. Restaurants near Social Security System (SSS)- Harrison Road **
  6. Bulalohan sa Gov. Pack
  7. Restaurants near Schools and Universities **
  8. Danes Bakeshop
  9. Restarants located behind BPI Harrison

** may be categorized as eatery

Do you want to add something? let me know. I will be updating their specific details, map and location of each soon.



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