How to get to Anawangin Cove from Manila

There are many ways how to get to Anawanigin Cove, Zambales. The most important thing to know is there are many challenges along the way that might lead to bad travel experience. This post is intended to be an alternative guide, you may adopt it if you like. We never encountered any problem along the way with our travel going to Anawangin Cove.

Our mode for this travel is by public transportation from Pasay Terminal using the services of Victory Liner. You can also start your ride from Cubao Terminal, there is only a little difference in time of arrival.

April 21, 2014

At Victory Pasay Terminal, we bought a ticket going to San Antonio, Zambales via Iba, Zambales with 10:30am departure time. We choose this trip because it is a one way trip . You can also choose Olongapo as your destination, however, it is a broken trip. Within the same Bus Terminal from Olongapo, just  wait for a bus going to Iba, Zambales. Waiting much time is not a problem because there are many trips going to San Antonio from Olongapo.

Ticket Price from Pasay to San Antonio is 302 pesos(as of April 2014)

For more details about Victory Liner Trip schedules, please refer to this link.

victory terminal pasay ticket booth
While waiting for you departure time, sitting area is available 🙂
victory terminal pasay wiating area

Also, if you are hungry, there is a restaurant inside the Gran Prix Hotel located near the entrance of the Terminal. It is much cheaper compared to when buying from the stalls near the waiting area.
gran prix hotel victory terminal pasay
We ordered breakfast and while eating we let our cellphones charge with these charging station. It is pricey but worth it specially we didn’t bring with us backup batteries.
recharging station at gran prix hotel victory terminal pasay

At 10:32am, we departed. Thanks Bus no. 1229 for our safe travel.
victory liner via iba zambales

While in transit, we asked the “kunduktor of the bus”  where is the dropping point going to Anawangin. He said we should not worry, They will be dropping us off the bus in front of the Municipality of San Antonio, Zambales.

At 03:45pm (approximately 5.5 hours of travel from Pasay), we arrived in front of the Municipality.

san antonio municipal hall

We approach the information center (the hut located at the rightmost picture as shown below), however no one is in there to assist us. Instead, We ask the locals for directions and tips.

bus stop at san antonio zambales

We bought fruits, tools and utensils needed that we forgot to carry along the way at the Public Market.

san antonio zambales public market

We didn’t eat lunch that’s why we landed here to this Eatery near the Public Market. The food is cheap however it is not a good idea to some because of sanitation and social status. For us, it is part of the travel experience.

san antonio zambales turo-turo
If you do not like to eat at the Eatery or Turo-Turo mentioned above, there is a Seven-Eleven convenience store nearby. It located just across the Municipal Hall. We bought bread, canned goods and Water enough for an overnight stay.

seven eleven san antonio zambales

Landmarks just in-case. 🙂

pasay to san antonio zambales map

At 04:50pm, we hired a tricycle in front of Seven-Eleven for 35pesos(as of April,2014) each going to Pundaquit beach. The driver seems nice and honest. He also owns a Bangka which we later on hired it.

bridge going to pundaquit

At 05:11pm (approximately 20minutes of travel from San Antonio), we arrived at Pundaquit beach. We arranged that we will be hiring his Bangka that cost around 1,500pesos for a 3 Island hopping package which covers Anawangin Cove, Capones Island, and Camara Island. Unfortunately, we had to budget our next travel adventure that’s why we settled with this 3 Island hopping package.

Our Original plan was to arranged a 4 Island package that cost around 2,000 pesos which includes Nagsasa Cove, however it was not realized.

If you don’t have a tent, there are many resorts, cottages out there that can accommodate you. It cost around +/- 1,500per night. I heard that Canoe Beach Resort is a nice place to try.
pundaquit beachMy favorite and unforgettable sunset view at the Pundaquit beach front.
sunset at pundaquit

At 05:35pm, we departed by Bangka. At 06:01pm (approximately 30 mins from Pundaquit), we arrived at Anawagin Cove. We agreed with the Bangka Owner/Tour Guide that they will fetch us at 7am next morning. He left us and returned to Pundaquit.

There are 4 areas to camp at Anawangin Cove, we chose to stay at the right most side of the cove.

anawangin cove  guard post

We paid 100 pesos each for entrance fee and camp for the night. There were few campers when we arrived there. We swim, relax, take a bath, eat our diner, and sleep at 10pm.

Note: Save your battery for another day’s activity, there is no charging station at Anawangin Cove as of our last visit. Likewise, watch your belongings. 😉

anawangin rates

April 22, 2014

At 06:00am morning, we woke up and blaze the trail of Anawangin for an hour. After that, We cleaned ourselves and pack our things and departed from the cove at 07:28am as agreed with the tour guide to start our Island hopping.

anawangin cove overviewAnawangin Cove at Sunrise.

anawangin cove sunrise

anawangin cove


anawangin shore

A view of Capones Island and Camara Island at Pundaquit.

camara island and capones island view from pundaquit

A view from Camara Island

camara island view

Capones Island Lighthouse.

A view of Capones Island from Camara Island.
capones island view from camara island

We went back to Pundaquit and finished our tour at 09:31am. We also thanked the Tour Guide for his assistance as we separate and take our own ways. We had a great experience and memories of this place although we did not visit Nasagsa Cove.

How to get to Manila from Anawangin Cove?

This is simple, do you remember where 7-11 is? just wait there for a Bus going to Manila. There are many Buses going to Manila so don’t worry.

I hope you have a wonderful stay at Anawangin Cove.



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