Apple Trees in Baguio?

Have you seen Apple Trees in Baguio? I am just curious because we all know from a fact that it can only grow in low temperature environment such as in Baguio.

I never saw or never heard anyone from the locality that has planted Apple Trees for personal or commercial purposes. Apple is considered as a high valued fruit yet none or only few people are interested in planting this tree. Imagine, one small apple fruit will cost around 20 pesos (as of September 2015). It is very expensive and not even fresh.

Most apple fruits that are sold in the market are made from China and I hope someday that a piece of apple will not be equivalent to a kilo of rice.

Do you know an Apple farm/s in Baguio? Give us your thoughts how to effectively produce a good variety of apple trees in Baguio City or in any other places in the country. 🙂



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