Astoria Vacation & Leisure Club, Incorporated – Legit or Scam?

Sometime in April of 2015, I was at the CALTEX Engineer’s Hill for refueling. A man approached me and gave a simple questionnaire with a claiming stub informing me that I am entitled to a raffle ticket since I refueled in the station. He told me that I could win a free accommodation for 2 in famous tourist spots the Philippines or Abroad. I immediately filled-up the piece of paper that he gave me then leave.

astoria vacation and leisure club websiteYesterday(September 6, 2015), a man called me and asked about my claiming stub because I am entitled for a FREE vacation(3 days and 2 nights) in Cebu City and in other tourist destination in Southeast East Asia. He also invited me to a free dinner for 2 at Heritage Mansion Hotel later this day to further discuss the details of my accommodation.

After that invitation, doubts has set-in to my mind because the man whom i first met before now claims that he is a representative of Astoria Vacation & Leisure Club, Incorporated not CALTEX. I conducted a online research about this entity and found something interesting.


Astoria Vacation & Leisure Club, Incorporated is a legitimate business entity which only caters those who can afford it. Their business model is not for the middle class and below. If you can afford it, you will get the benefits of it.

However, it becomes a SCAM because their marketing strategy is TERRIBLE. Their agents target those who belong to the middle class who cannot afford the business model. Most importantly, many complain about the refund policy. They will not give you the money you initially give if you ask for refund or cancellation.

Luckily for me, I will not go to the dinner to avoid myself into trouble. 🙂




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