Binga Dam Philippines

Binga Dam is located in Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet. It is one of the major source of hydro electric power in northern part of the Philippines. It is now owned and maintained by SN Aboitiz Power under the privatization scheme of generating plants authorized by the government.

Constructed in 1956 and was opened in 1960, Binga Dam is a place of memory specially for those who worked in this place and those who were raised in this area particularly during the National Power Corporation days.


Routes going to Binga Dam:
For adventure seekers and trail riders, there are 2 routes going to Binga.
1. Baguio-Ambuklao-Binga road
2. Baguio-Tinongdan-Baloy road

In 20 years time, this place will be a critical area of issue by the City Government of Baguio because of water supply shortage.



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