Dinosaur Island Baguio

Dinosaur Island Baguio is located at Baguio Eco Park, Marcos Highway, Badiwan, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines. Opened on February 21, 2014, It is the first Animatronics theme park in the Locality.

dinosaur island baguio main entrance

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Entrance Fee/Ticket Price: (As of April 2014)
      Regular: 350pesos
      Senior Citizens, PWD, Tube Residents: 280 Pesos
      Children 3 feet and Below: Free
Tour Time: minimum of 45mins (average).
dinosaur island baguio entrance fee
How to get there:
Look at this map for a guide.
dinosaur island baguio map
For Commuters:
– Take a Jeepney (Baguio-Badiwan-Tuba Route) from the corner of Otek and Shagem streets. It can be found in front of Mister Donut.
Fare:17 pesos (as of April 2014).
Travelling Time: 20-30mins
Baguio-Badiwan-Tuba Jeepney Terminal
For Private Vehicles:
– If you came from the City proper, take right going down before the long bridge. (as shown in the picture below)
dinosaur island baguio way from baguio
If you came from Marcos Highway, take the right road after passing through the tunnel.
dinosaur island baguio direction after the tunnel
What’s inside the Tour:
Here are the things that I saw during the Tour. At that time, the Theme Park is not yet 100% complete.
Psittacosaurus (Parrot Lizard)
dinosaur island parrot lizard
Wuerhosaurus (Wuerho Lizard)
dinosaur island baguio wuerho lizard
Bird Dinosaur
dinosaur island baguio bird dinosaur
Brachiosaurus (Arm Lizard)
dinosaur island baguio arm lizard
Oviraptor (Egg Robber)
dinosaur island baguio egg robber
Deinonychus (Terrible Claw) and Iguanadon (Iguana Tooth)
dinosaur island baguio terrible claw stalking iguana tooth

dinosaur island baguio tyrannosaurus

Also, watch my Youtube videos captured at Dinosaur Island Baguio here



The Theme Park is in pioneering stage in Baguio. There are many things to improve. One of which is there tour guides. Most of them talk like salesman and need to learn more proper tour guiding etiquette. Another thing is of course is all about business strategy. You are discouraged to bring food inside the park so that when you get hungry during the tour you have no another choice but to buy from them. 🙁

Anyway I will be visiting this place again. Let’s see some improvements. 🙂


Bring Water with you, you will be needing this to re-hydrate.



6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Island Baguio

  1. Glenda morales

    If you want to go nice places i suggest to go to hongkong disneyland not in enchanted kingdom.. Go to ocean park hongkong not in ocean park manila… Malaki po ang pag kakaiba ng mga theme park sa atin compare sa ibang bansa… Wag na tyo mag reklamo p350 ok na un sa price sa makikita natin. Sa universal studio mahal ang entrance para makakita ng mga dinosaurs.. Kaya wag na mag reklamo plssss

  2. Chin

    Hi is there jeepneys going from Dinosaurs Island to Baguio downtown? I’ve been informed that it’s easy going to DI from Baguio but difficult coming back. Thanks!


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