Does a Maple Tree Grow in Baguio?

I am just curious, does a Maple Tree grow in Baguio or anywhere else in Philippines? I am asking this to myself because i like the quality of the maple wood.

Maple Trees like to live in cool areas and they are invasive in nature. It may grow in tropical areas however it may not sustain life because it is not their natural habitat.

In my opinion, It can grow here in Baguio with the aid of proper research and tools. I am not very sure but it is possible.

What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Does a Maple Tree Grow in Baguio?

  1. Michael Jackson

    Yes, In fact there are a couple of Maple trees that are growing in Baguio City, specifically in Burnham park. I am a tree and bonsai enthusiast in the Philippines and I first spotted them in 2006 when I visited the park. The Maple trees can be seen growing inside the park along the benches right in front of the lake. They can easily be found because of the distinct leaf patterns. The gardeners in the area told me that the trees were planted during the American colonization period. I cannot be certain that the trees can be found elsewhere in Baguio. They don’t seem to be native to the area. But they surely are thriving in the park. I visited Burnham park a few days ago and I found the trees and I took some photos of the leaves (I don’t know how to post them here). I’ve been thinking of visiting Baguio again and I will try to get some cuttings from the tree and attempt to grow them in Manila.


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