Kennon Road Baguio City – First Timer’s Guide

For first timers, this is your guide to Baguio City via Kennon Road using private vehicle. I hope this simple information will guide you in your travel.

If you decided to pass this road, you save more or less 1 hour of your time compared when passing Marcos Highway.

road going to kennon

Where is this road located?

Once you passed Sison, Pangasinan, you are near the Rosario-Kennon Junction. The Signifying marks are the following:

1. Long Bridge welcoming you to the Province of La Union; then
2. A Big can of Pepsi Cola a few meters away from the bridge;
3. Approximately 400meters from Pepsi Cola Plant, you can see 3 big gasoline station adjacent to  each other; (It’s the right time to stop-over to any of them to check possible car defects or to rest before proceeding)
4.Approximately 150 meters away from those gasoline stations, you will see Rosario-Kennon Junction(as shown above),  turn right going to Kennon Road;
5.You are on a right track if you will pass a toll gate with a fee.

Kennon Tollgate standard fee: 15 pesos (as of June 2015); dependent on the weight classification of your vehicle.

Kennon Road Map

kennon road map to baguio

Sample view along the way (and discover many more :-))



Tourist Spots along the way
1. Twin Peaks Swimming Pool.
2. Bridal Veil Falls
3. Lion Park
4. Kennon Road View Point

1. Watch out for fallen debris such as rocks, it comes very often and might lead to an accident.
2. Drive moderately because the road is narrow and slippery when wet.



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