Mount(Mt.) Ulap – Sea of Clouds Eco Trail Tour

Mount(Mt.) Ulap is located at Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet. The aim of this post is to give an idea about the place so that anyone can plan their itinerary or tour without any hassle.

mt ulap mountain eco trail ampucao itogon benguet advertisementMt Ulap – Sea of Clouds Package:

Business Hours: Everyday; 4am-12pm(Dayhike) and 12pm-2pm(Camping)
Travelling Time: From Baguio to Ampucao – atleast 1 hour
Tour Time: 4-5 hours (complete tour)
Weather: Cold in the morning, average temperature during daytime. Check the climate one day before your visit to maximize the experience. You don’t want to see blurry clouds all the way.
Tour Price/Package: (As of February 2017)

  1. Dayhike/Trek only
    18 years old and above: 100 Pesos each
    13 -17 years old: 20 Pesos
    12 years old and below: Free
  2. Overnight Stay/Camping
    Group of  10 people and below: 500 Pesos
  3. Guide Fee
    Day Hike: 400 Pesos
    Camping: 800 Pesos (equivalent of 2 days)
  4.  Jeepney fare from Santa Fe(end trail) to the Ampucao(starting trail) : 20 Pesos each(optional)

mt ulap mountain eco trail ampucao itogon benguet rates

How to get there: (I will be providing a map soon)

Starting point of the Tour:

You have three(3) itineraries to choose from, whether to start from the easy climb to the hard stiff decent or from the hard stiff climb to the easy decend or from the easy climb to mid-point then going back again with the same route.

On the cold foggy morning of January 27, 2016, together with my friends, we blazed the trail(dayhike) and taken some wonderful photos. In our tour, we started from the easy climb then ended with the hard stiff decent.

Marker of the starting point from the mainroad leading to the trail.

mt ulap mountain eco trail ampucao itogon benguet starting point

Your in the right path if you see this signs.

Sample Pictures climbing up the summit.

Wild berries.

Photos from the summit of Mt. Ulap.

View of the camping ground near the summit.

Photos from the summit down to Santa Fe(End trail).

Three burial sites:

First burial site.

Second burial site.

Third burial site.

Passing through the community.

Near the end.

End of the trail.

mt ulap mountain eco trail ampucao itogon benguet finishRoad back to Ampucao from Santa Fe. Wait for a Jeepney or any private vehicle going to Baguio.

mt ulap mountain eco trail ampucao itogon benguet road back to baguio

My Summary in video


Things to Remember: (to be updated)


The terrain is moderately difficult, even an experience moutaineer or hiker might be caught in an accident specially during rainy seaon. It is not advisable for 8 years old and below. The hike can truly drain your energy at the end of the day but it is an experience you would not like to miss.





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