Secret Garden Baguio Restaurant and Cafe Review

Opened in 2012, Secret Garden Baguio is one of the favorite Cafe and Restaurant not only by foreigners but also local tourists in the City. Located at #34 Paterno Street, South Drive Road, Baguio City, it is readily accessible by public and private transportation.

Business Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm Daily
Food Styles: Filipino and Italian food
Parking: Parking Lot, Street
Public Transit: Take a Jeepney bound to Baguio Country Club beside Caltex (adjacent to Hotel Veniz) across Bayanihan wagwagan center.
Wi-Fi Connectivity: fair

Based from the four standard categories, here are my thoughts

Service (3.5 out of 5)
The attendant is friendly and courteous when we went there, however I noticed that the attendant is also the cashier and the waitress. They need to add their crew to facilitate more efficiency of service.

Food (4 out of 5)
We ordered 1 plate of beef stake and 1 plate of pork chop with 2 mango juice in a glass. The presentation of the food considering the quality of glass-wares used and the freshness of taste of the food make us satisfied.

Atmosphere (4.5 out of 5)
The name speaks for itself. Although the space is limited, they maximized the area for landscaping and privacy. The place is outside the central business district which means less noise and pollution.

Decoration (4 out of 5)
They adopted a country side design which is perfect for a little garden, however some materials are not ergonomically appropriate.

Although costly, you get your money’s worth specially when you are having a date, business meetings, bonding with friends and etc.



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