Sitio La Presa – The Ugly Truth

Sitio Pungayan also known as Sitio La Presa is being featured in popular TV hit series Forevermore. The popularity of the place is never exempted from over commercialization.

sitio la presaLast November 2014, together with my friends, visited the place and appreciated the beauty and scenery of Santo Tomas. Only few people then go to La Presa and few vendors can be found.

Lately, the place is in total mess. If you grew up in Baguio and been to this place before, you will be dismayed and understand what i mean.

My points are the following:

  1. Traffic jam in one of the remote places in Baguio.
  2. To much vendor just like in Mines View and most of them look at you like an ATM ready to bring out money.
  3. Comfort Room of 5 pesos. Really? without receipt.
  4. Environmental fee for what?
  5. Picture taking for a fee? nothing is free.
  6. Motorcycle for rent!!. Many are opportunist.
  7. And many more….

Many care but just don’t care. I hope that the teleserye Forevermore will end soon and the place will be restored as it was before.



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