SM Cinema Baguio – New Movie Schedules

SM Cinema Baguio have four(4) Cinemas. Cinema 1, 2, 3 offer Two Dimensional(2D) Digital Theater while Cinema 4 can cater Three Dimensional(3D) Entertainment. All of them are located at the 3rd Floor of the Building.

sm cinema baguio

Ticket Price (as of February 2018) :
220 Pesos – English;
200-220 Pesos – Tagalog;
280-300 pesos – 3D (Now available)

History of Ticket prices as we recorded it (English Movie).
200 Pesos – May, 2016
190 Pesos – February, 2016
160 Pesos – November, 2015
140 Pesos -February, 2015
120 Pesos – April, 2014
90 Pesos – October, 2013

Opening Time: 10:30am
Last Full Show: 09:00pm or 09:30pm

– SM Cinema Baguio updates the list of movies every Wednesday depending upon the demand and popularity of a particular film.
Free entrance for Senior Citizens of Baguio every morning of Tuesday and 20% off for non-resident of Baguio with a valid I.D. Foreign movies are for free and local films are with an admission charge.
– If you have kids with you, ask first the cashier if they are eligible to watch a particular movie to avoid experiencing embarassing moment of falling into a long line then only to find out the minor that is with you is not allowed to enter the cinema.

You can see their latest movie schedule here: (visit each site and compare if the schedule is updated.)

Buy SM Cinema Tickets Online:

buy sm cinema tickets online

For Smartphone users

To save time and effort in knowing the latest movie screening, download and install from google play the SM Cinema mobile app if you are an android user. This mobile app is also availe in IOS format.



7 thoughts on “SM Cinema Baguio – New Movie Schedules

        1. baguioboy Post author

          daniel, you can also view the latest movie schedule by using an android or ios app. I updated the post. thanks for your input.

  1. phoebe

    good day! may i just ask if there are health personnel on stand by inside the movie house in cases of emergency during the movie showing? Thank you!!

    1. baguioboy Post author

      None, however, the watchers are on standby in case someone needed help. Also, the cinema is equiped with monitoring devices for security and medical purposes. 🙂

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