The Real Meaning of Panagbenga: Version 2017

Every year Panagbenga Baguio Flower Festival is being celebrated. The meaning of “Panagbenga” originated from a Kankana-ey term which means “season of blooming”. However, do know the real meaning of the word?

real meaning of panagbenga

Panagbenga means a season of:

  1. Heavy traffic within the central business business which affects other routes as well.
  2. Food display not the products of the province but street food products such as shawarwa, burgers, fishballs and etc.
  3. Flea Market offering commercialized cheap apparels and accessories instead of traditional creations of the locality.
  4. Garbage scattered all around. It is unfortunate to say that many local visitors from lowlands don’t know how to manage their garbage in a right place.
  5. Season of Snatchers, Swindlers, etc.
  6. Private Comfort Rooms for rent. Ihi-5 Pesos, Bawas- 10 Pesos
  7. What is the proper word to say? “Session Road in Bloom” or “Session Road in Mess”

Whats else did I miss?… 🙂



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