How to get to Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos – Poro Point, La Union

Many of visitors of this site as me this question “How to get to Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos – Poro Point, La Union?”

It is located at Voice of America(VOA) Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue, San Fernando, La Union. The place adopted the architecture of Santorini Villas in Greece.

How many hours drive from Baguio to Poro Point, La Union? 
– Traveling time is +/- 1.5hrs

Transport Services from Baguio to Thunderbird Resort?
– There is a free van service that picks up passengers going to Thunderbird (usually Casino players) from 9pm to 10pm daily. It can be found behind Hotel Veniz and adjacent to Caltex Burnham. If you are interested, ask any gasoline boy near the area.

Map: If you come from Manila or Baguio City, the reference points are the tomb of the unknown soldiers and San Fernando by-pass road, a few meters away from Max’s Restaurant. If you come from Ilocos area, the reference point starts from San Fernando City Hall.

thunderbird poro point map2
Business Hours: Dine-in: 7:30AM to 10PM Daily; Check-in: Anytime and Check-out time is 2pm.
Contact Number: +63 72 888 7777
Email adress:
Facilities: Restaurant, Zaphira Spa, The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club, Fiesta Casino, Swimming pool, Jogging path, and Basketball court.
Food Styles: Combination of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Free breakfast when you check-in.
Parking: Free Parking within the compound.
Public Transit: Tricycle(50 pesos, one way from the city proper). This is optional.
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes, very fast internet connection.

Room Rates: (please click the picture to enlarge)

Random Pictures of the place:

Check out my video of that place:



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