Yellow Trail – Camp John Hay

Yellow Trail is a must see place for hikers, bikers, mountaineers, and those who love nature. It is located inside the premise of Camp John Hay and the starting point can be found near the horseback riding area adjacent to Le Monet hotel.

Entrance Fee: Free
Tour Time: 2 hours (average) – complete trail
Business Hours: not applicable (from sunrise to sunset)
Starting Trail: Horseback riding area or Scout Hill area
Trail End: Tree Top Adventure Baguio or vice-versa

Before the end of 2015, together with my friends, visited this place and followed the wrong eco-trail. It turns out that it is the best experience we had from this place.

We started our tour at 02:14pm and ended at 04:30pm.

The Map of  the trail that we followed.

yellow trail baguio map

Here are the photos that we have taken from the beginning of the trail. It might guide you a lot in planning your route.

My Favorite shot along the way.

Photos taken from mid-point(concrete road) of the trail going back to the starting point as our finish line.


Things to remember:
– When you reach the concrete road, don’t follow the road where it is going because it will lead you to the US Ambassador’s residence. This place is strictly prohibited to any visitors unless you are an official guest or employee. Find the continuation of the trail or use a map instead.
– Bring water with you to rehydrate.
– Bring also insect repellants specially during wet season.



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  1. Dennis Dulay

    We followed your directions and it was very helpful. Met a lot of bikers and trail runners as well. A different experience of camp John Hay. Thanks.


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