How to apply for NBI Clearance Online – Baguio Application

Do you want to know how to apply for NBI Clearance online? this simple post will give you an idea and guide you inorder to save time, effort, money, and productivity.

national bureau of investigation (nbi) baguio

I remember the time when I was applying for a clearance at NBI Baguio many years ago. It took me 2 days to process my application including stress and disappointment because of the volume of applicants and the slow processing system of NBI. It is a first-come first-serve basis and if you come late, you will fall at the back of the line. However, at this present time, they improved their system and application for clearance is fast and easy.

How to apply Online

1. Must have a valid email account. (e.g. yahoo,gmail, etc.)

2. Go to and fill-out the basic information and proceed with the registration. If already registered, log-in directly with your account.
How to apply for NBI Clearance Online

3. Go back again to and Log-in with your account.

** For new/renewal applicants, you will be asked about the following:

a. Personal Information Data.
b. IDs to be present when claiming your clearance.
c. Date of Appointment and what NBI Branch. (choose your preferred date of appointment and NBI Baguio)
d. The method of payment. (Online Bank, Mobile Payment, MultiPay, ECPay Paypal, Creditcard, Bank deposit, Bayad Center thru LBC, and payment upon arrival)

4. After payment, wait for the confirmation that payment was received by the NBI. This usually takes a day. While waiting, copy the reference number given to you.

5. Go back again to and Log-in with your account then check the status of your payment if it is already paid or pending. If the status is already paid, print the application form and present it during your appointment.

note: Always print your receipt for reference and check your email for payment confirmation.

How much will I pay?
140 Pesos (P115 Clearance fee + P25 Computer fee)
Clearance Validity?
1 year validity period from issuance.
Where is NBI Baguio?
– It is located at Upper Session Road, Baguio City. It is adjacent to SM Baguio and just beside DSWD Baguio and BIR Regional Office.
What is their Contact Number?
–  074-444-8399
What is their Email Address?
– or

6. When you are already there, they will direct you to proceed for biometrics to get your fingerprints, picture and signature.

That’s it. All you need to do is to wait for a couple of minutes. 🙂


You can determine if you have “with HIT” after presenting your online application before the NBI. Usually your clearance will be released at a later days (approximately 8-10 days)



14 thoughts on “How to apply for NBI Clearance Online – Baguio Application

  1. ginalyn

    how do i know if i already registered after applying online?? my application type is renewal. after filling up of required fields and clicking “agree” it just like that nawala na. there’s no confirmation if successfully registered or not.

    1. Barradas, Algieda

      hi poh katatapos ko lang po mag apply for renewal.. it said that it was successfully registered after po punta na po ako directly sa office nyo?

      1. baguioboy Post author

        Print nyo po yung page ng transaction nyo and present it to NBI at the date of your indicated appointment. 🙂

    1. baguioboy Post author

      If you visit their website, there is an option there for renewal. You need not to apply for new application. Just fill-up the required details and that is it. 🙂

  2. marivic

    i’ve been registering my application but always teling me your your email is already been taken..what will i do? pls help me

    1. baguioboy Post author

      Maybe you already tried to register before using your current email. Try to check your spam folder of your email. If not, there is no other easy way than to use other email that you own.

    1. baguioboy Post author

      Pwede naman po yung link. Malamang yung internet brower niyo po ay hindi updated. Use the latest Internet Explorer to view the link. Thanks

  3. donna

    Hello 🙂 after po mag register and magbayad ano po next na gagawin? I am requesting for board exam purposes only 🙂


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