Where Is the Best Place to Go for a First Date in Baguio?

Today is Valentines Day. Did you know that Valentines Day is celebrated by non-believers of Jesus Christ. It originated from a pagan practice. So, if you are a true Christian, stay way from it.

Going back to our topic, It is very difficult to choose the best place to go for a first date because it dependent with some factors like budget, schedule, mood, and lifestyle. However, according to some love gurus, public places with a solemn environment such as parks and coffee shops are the best places to spend your first date because It always reminds you of such a lovely memory every time you pass-by that place.


Burnham Park – History wil tell you that this place is a witness of many colorful memories between lovers.
Camp John Hay – You can do many things while inside the area.
Yellow Trail (Camp John Hay Reservation) – For more adventourous date which involves hiking.
Secret Garden Restaurant and Cafe – An expensive date yet a good place when you want peace and getting away from traffic and noise.




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