All About Water Cress

What is Water Cress?

Unknown to most Filipinos, Water Cress or commonly known as “Tungsoy” in the Province of Benguet is an edible leaf vegetable that grows in an aquatic or semi-aquatic environment. It can be produced anywhere as long as there is a continuous supply of fresh water. Most of the time, you can see it in a pond or in a creek.

Many are confused about the spelling of it. Sometimes, they spelled it “Water Crest”. Water Crest is associated with the movement of the tides. Isn’t it?

How to grow Water Cress?

You a need seeds in order to germinate. You can buy seeds or harvest from the flowers of an old cress. harvesting of seeds is similar to a “pechay” or mustard.

There are many ways how to cultivate water cress. One method is hydroponics, within a controlled environment, you can produce it using a water and light alone. Other method is by farming in a pond or by a low flowing run-off water from higher ground to a lower ground.

Water Cress Recipes

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