Ambuklao Dam Philippines

Ambuklao Dam is located in Brgy. Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet . It is one of the oldest and largest dams in the Philippines. Re-opened in October 2011,It is now maintained by SN-Aboitiz Power under the privatization scheme of generating plants authorized by the government.

Constructed in the late 1940’s, it was developed for power generation, irrigation, and flood control. Stream of water that flows through this dam came from Agno River which originated
from Mount Data National Park.

Routes going to Ambuklao Dam:
1. Baguio-Ambuklao-Kayapa road (National Road)
2. Halsema-Ambuklao road via Labey (Provincial Road)

A view of the reservoir.

A view on top of the spillway.

A ground view of the spillway.



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