Who is Destroying Baguio’s Tourism Industry

Do you know who is destroying Baguio’s Tourism Industry? If we are talking about the root cause of the problem, any one can be blamed and it is a disputable fact. The immediate cause of the problem can be found on any Bus-stop-Teminal in Baguio City.

Around 5:30pm Yesterday, I took shelter under the passenger’s waiting area infront of COMELEC Baguio along Governor Pack Road because of heavy rainfall. While waiting, I noticed that every bus that stops infront of it, a small group of individuals were holding a placard and they were shouting “transient! transient!” . Many visitors(first timers) of Baguio approached them eveytime to seek for their help. Instead of guiding these visitors, they offered them something that is hard to refuse because these individuals knew that it is already getting dark and these visitors need to settle down as soon as possible. Visitors were helpless and don’t know what to do but to accept that offer.

Why are they destroying Baguio’s Tourism Industry?

1. They are annoying, most of them see the visitors of Baguio as cash not guest specially the foreigners.
2. They are depriving you the right to choose, most of them always initiate something in their favor.
3. They don’t care about you if don’t pay.
4. Transient business in Baguio is huge, they are getting better and well organized everyday controlling competion.
5. Some visitors who had a bad exprerience with them, share that bad experinece to others destroying the image of the city.

I understand that they are earning money in a good way the best they can, however, it is wrong when you are indirectly harrasing others to gain something from them.



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