How to open a COL Financial Stock Trading Account

Citiseconline or COL Financial is the number 1 online stock broker in the Philippines chosen by many people in Greater Manila Area. Their main business address is located at Unit 2401-B, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Rd., Ortigas Center 1605.

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Unlike before, you can now apply for a trading account without personally going to their main office which is a good news if you are from Baguio or anywhere else outside Manila.

Prerequisites before applying:

  1. Must have a valid email address.
  2. Must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  3. Must have an existing bank account with any of the following: Banco De Oro, MetroBank, Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), and Asia United Bank.
    **Bank account is not mandatory, however, it is needed for convenience of a recurring transaction.
  4. Must have least 2 valid IDs (2 government issued IDs or 1 govern issued ID and 1 company ID.)
  5. Recent proof of billing (no later than 3 months past).

** When I applied, I did not submit any proof of billing, however, I have shown them proof of income instead. After that, they approved my application without any question.

After securing those important things, follow this steps.


  • Download the required form then print it on a short or long coupon bond.
  • Fill-out the form then submit it together with the required documents to

24/F East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

** I did send my application via LBC Express at LBC Centermall where I paid 105 pesos for the freight. After a day, I received a confirmation from LBC that the package I sent was received by a COL financial Group representative.

Approval Time:

Based from my experience, my approval time is within 5 days after sending the required documents via LBC Express.

Minimum Deposit

5,000 pesos is  the minimum deposit required.



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