How to open a First Metro Securities Account – An Online Stock Trading Broker

Another online stock trading broker is First Metro Securities(FirtsMetroSec), You can apply for a secure account with ease and comfort.

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Prerequisites before applying:

  1. Must have valid email address. (eg.,
  2. Must have existing savings/settlement account with Metrobank. (you can also do simultaneous application of savings account and firstmetrosec account if you don’t have an existing savings account number)
  3. Prepare 2 2×2 ID pictures (it is needed in signature specimen).
  4. Must have least 2 valid IDs (2 government issued IDs or 1 govern issued ID and 1 company ID.)

After securing those important things, follow this important  steps.


  • Fill-out those forms then print it on a short coupon bond.
  • Affix your signature on those forms and personally submit it together with the photocopy of the valid IDs (affix also your signature 3 times on those photocopy/ies) to any of its 7 branches in the locality where you have an account.

Approval Time:

I submitted my application at Metrobank Bonifacio branch and was approved within a week.

Minimum Deposit

Before, it is required from you to fund your account with least 25 thousand pesos, but now, once you have an active savings account and used it to fund your firstmetrosec account there is no more minimum initial deposit requirement. You can trade immediately after you fund your firstmetrosec account.



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