Tripadvisor Baguio – Positive and Negative Side

If you are a budget traveler in Baguio, stay away from TripAdvisor. When you want to book online, don’t go to booking site such as this one, instead, book directly to the site listed in TripAdvisor if the hotel or inn have a website. Search in Google if they have a website (most hotels and inns in Baguio have a homepage). If not, search for their contact number and call them directly. You will save a lot of money when you book directly to their web address.

tripadvisor baguio

The good thing about TripAdvisor is the customer feedback section, it helps you a lot in choosing where to stay in Baguio. Don’t read the positive feedback, study the negative comments and decide.

Expect a higher price in terms of food and accommodation if an establishment is listed in TripAdvisor because such establishment is open for local and foreign traveler. However, there are more places to visit that is not listed in TripAdvisor worth to see.





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