Horseback Riding at Camp John Hay Baguio City

For those who don’t know, horseback riding is not only available at Wright Park but also at Yellow(Horse) Trail, Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

It is located adjacent to Le Monet Hotel and behind the filling station. Horseback riding is managed by KABADJO Handlers Association.

horseback riding in camp john hay

Horseback Riding Rates:(As of December 2015)

370 Pesos/hour – Bridle Path to Riding Circle.
250 Pesos/half-hour – Riding Circle Only.

400 Pesos/hour – Double Ride.
300 Pesos/half-hour – Kid and Adult.

15 Pesos/shot – Picture Taking

Map of the area (for first timers) 

horseback riding john hay map



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