Where to get Professional Tax Receipt in Baguio and Benguet

Many are asking me where to get a copy of Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) in Baguio and Benguet. This is a neccessary requirement/document when you practice your profession specially for those who are new in their chosen field.

professional tax receipt ptr sample

Where: In Baguio – Just go to the Treasurers Office of the city; In Benguet –  Go directly to your respective municipal hall except in La trinidad which can be secured from the provincial capitol.

Cost: 300 pesos which is valid for one(1) year. Secure a copy of PTR every January of every year to avoid a penalty of 125 pesos.

Requirement/s: Just bring  your unexpired PRC ID/IBP ID (for lawyers) with you and show it to the treasurer of the office.




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