All About Sayote

What is the English word of Sayote?

Many of us Filipinos eat food with sayote and many don’t know what is the English term of it. There are many names of Sayote in English, however, the generally accepted name is Chayote (Scientific name is Sechium edule).

Chayote is also known as christophine, cho-cho, mirliton, pear squash, vegetable pear according to the United States Department of Agriculture.sayote plant

Common Names of Sayote

  • fo shou gua – Transcribed Chinese
  • chou-chou – French
  • christofine – French
  • Chayote – German
  • Stachelgurke – German
  • hayato-uri – Japanese Rōmaji
  • chuchu – Portuguese
  • machiche-francês – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • machucho – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • xuxú – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • chayote de monte – Spanish [Sechium edule subsp. sylvestre]
  • chocho – Spanish
  • erizo de monte – Spanish [Sechium edule subsp. sylvestre]
  • pipinela – Spanish
  • tallote – Spanish
  • camochayote – Spanish (Mexico)
  • chinchayote – Spanish (Mexico)
  • cueza – Spanish (Mexico)
  • kayote – Swedish
  • labu siam – Indonesia
  • lóng xü cài – Taiwan
  • iskus – Nepal
  • Chuw Chuw – South India

Does it grow in lowlands?

Yes, absolutely, specially in the cold months of October, November, December, and January. However, it cannot sustain life all through out the year because it needs a constantly low temperature in order to survive. Many tried to germinate Sayote in the lowlands and observed that the quality of growth is only average.




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