Kubong Sawali Restaurant – Baguio City

Kubong Sawali Restaurant is located at 11 Military Cut-Off, Baguio City. It is adjacent to Glenn’s 50’s Diner, Zi’s Spa, and Zio’s Pizza House.

kubong sawali

Menu and Prices:

Sample of our order:

kubong sawali baguio menu order

Business Hours: 9AM to 10PM daily (to be confirmed)
Food Styles: Authentic Filipino Food and Sea Food
Contact Number/s: (074) 304 1578
Parking: Limited, along the roadway.
Public Transit: Take a Jeepney bound to Military Cut-off (Jeepney terminal to be determined).
Wi-Fi Connectivity: not tested

My Thoughts

I like the way they serve the food, however, when you call the attention of the service crews after you order, you cannot easily get their attention because maybe the crews are multitasking.

Freshly served on our table and the rice was just fine and not cooked in a hurry.

When we arrived there, it is not overcrowded. The atmosphere was just fine because few people pass this place or maybe it is not yet lunch time. The place is popular and expect high volume of people during lunch, dinner, and on special events. This place also can accommodate large crowd, so expect a group of people when you get there.

I like the simplicity of its decoration, they used a bamboo, nipa , and other typical materials simulating a lowland “bahay kubo”.



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