Where to Park your Car Overnight in Baguio?

If you travel with your car to Baguio for more than a day, you would probably ask the question to yourself “where will I park my car overnight?“.

Parking space is not a problem if you have it or when you are booked in a hotel because almost all hotels have parking spaces for their clients. However, if you are curious other places where to park overnight this post help you.

Basically, you can park anywhere along the road between 7PM to 7AM. After 7AM, the traffic enforcers will apprehend you. My favorite free overnight parking spots are located in front of the Baguio Post Office and along the driveway of Casa Vallejo near SM Baguio. Also, if you park your car, choose a location near to a police station for your safety and security.

Private overnight parking are also available but for a price. My suggestions are: SM Baguio, Baguio Centermall, Baguio Cathedral. and Goodtaste Burnham Park.




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