Things to do in Baguio : What to Expect

What are the things to do in Baguio? I am bombarded with this kind of question over and over again in my Facebook Account. So, I decided to make a post about this one.

I am a resident of Baguio. I suggest to just enjoy the cold weather, avoid snatchers or pickpockets, and dispose your garbage properly. That’s it, no sugar coated advise.

Things to do in baguio

However, If your looking for more detailed information, the following guide might help you:

What to do in Baguio?

It depends what day or season you visit our city. There are many activities starting from February to May. Please refer this post for more details; Peak Season Guide.

Basically, there is nothing much. What will you do is to just stroll around the city and enjoy the view. You can roam around the city and other tourist spots for a day if your in a hurry. I suggest allot two days or more of your time to visit other hidden gems of the city.

The food here is just ordinary but the vegetables here are fresh and cheap. The price of food ranges from 75 to 400 Pesos per meal depending on where you eat.

Souvenier items here are expensive and most products are not made in Baguio. If your looking for locally made products, choose silver or gold jewelries, wood carvings, or traditional textiles.
I will be updating this post soon, and I will answer the questions
Where to go in Baguio?
Where to stay in Baguio?
Night Life in Baguio?
Hidden Tourist Spots in Baguio?



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