Where to go: Sagada or Baguio?

A lowland traveler once asked me which is better, Sagada or Baguio? I visited Sagada longtime ago and I can’t compare it today with Baguio. However, I recently talked with a friend from Sagada and had a conversation about the place and agreed on the following points:

sagada or baguio

  1. Sagada is like Baguio City in the 70’s, less pollution and commercialism.
  2. You can still smell the aromatic fragrance of pine trees in Sagada today. While In Baguio City, the fresh cold swirling wind and the distinct smell of pine trees from afar has long gone.  Your lucky if you visited Baguio in the 80’s.
  3. If you are a party goer, Sagada is a boring place for you. At 8pm, you cannot see any local walking around. In Baguio, night life is still around corner.
  4.  If you have more time for vacation(at least 3 days), visit Sagada. If you have a strict time table, visit Baguio instead for a quick vacation.
  5. People from Sagada are normally shy(never challenge them to a drinking session). People from Baguio came from mixed races and culture.
  6. You can visit Baguio without a tour guide, while in Sagada, it is essential to have a friend from that place to serve as a guide and access to the people and community.
  7.  Life is simpler in Sagada, while life is getting more expensive in Baguio.

If you have more things in mind that you would like to add, please share it with us. 🙂




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