Where to Buy the Latest and Cheapest Phones in Baguio City

Again, many are asking me where to buy the latest branded phones, tablets and cameras at the cheapest and updated price in Baguio City. Here is my unbiased answer.

buy latest cheap phones baguio city

1. Tiongsan Harrison – They are authorized re-seller of branded phones and tablets that are popular in the Philippines. They also offer 5-10 percent lower in price tag than the actual market value of a latest phone. However, they only have one(1) week warranty of any devices you buy from them.

2. Pines Communication (SM Baguio and Baguio Center Mall) – They are authorized re-seller of Samsung and LG products. You will get a discount if you purchase an item in cash and in full. Warranty is only one(1) month.

3. Enigma Philippines Baguio – They are authorized re-seller of computer related products and an Apple distributor. Their price list is updated regularly and warranty period is one(1) year.

note: l did not include any local phone manufacturers yet in the list.

hope this simple post will enlighten those who needed it.

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