Is there a Home for the Aged in Baguio City?

A follower of this blog ask me, Is there a Home for the Aged in Baguio City?

Before I answered the question, I ask myself  “Why did they ask, I thought It is not in our culture to let our grandparents/parents go into home for the aged”. I later on realize that it is necessary for some especially for those who grew up without any relatives to take care for them and some even outlived their descendants.

To cut the story, there are less than a few Home for the Aged in Baguio City. Most of them are exclusively private and unknown to most people. I hope more charitable non-medical nursing homes will come out in the future to cater the elderly and less fortunate in life.

To name a few:

  1. Rippling River Nursing Home – please visit
  2. Blessed Association of Retired Person Fundation, Inc. (BARP) – website:

Further resource:  DSWD(CAR) Facebook Page –

My Personal note: As time passes by, the Filipino value to take care of their parents until their dying day is slowly diminishing. I am hopeful that this tradition will not die.




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